FAQ – 2bU Golf Fashion and Apparel

Payments and Returns

What are your payment/credit terms?

Once the design is finalized and approved we request for a subsequent down payment for the order and final payment prior to shipment.

What is your cancellation policy?

Once the order is placed with us and already under production cancellation is not accepted, however, you may during the early stage of the production amend (increase) the qty and / or change or add on additional insignia. To be discussed on a case by case basis.

What is your returns policy?

On-line orders we do accept returns within the same country goods are shipped from. For made to order – unless the delivered products are wrong we do not accept returns

How do I pay?

We process credit cards and accept Pay-Pal on our on-line store. For bulk order a separate payment line will be communicated with you.


Where are your products available?

2bU golf shirts and accessories are available in limited supply at the following pro shops in Thailand: and a few more… You can find our selective collection of our latest clothing and accessories in our online store.

Distributors and Custom Designs

How do I start designing my own products?

Get in touch! We are ready to work with you at any stage, from picking out colors and patterns to pinpointing the perfect place to print your logo or insignia.

I want to create products through 2bU and sell them to Pro-Shops. Can I do this?

Of course! We love working with distributors who have a keen interest in designing their own clothing and selling them to pro shops.

What materials are your products made of?

Our shirts are crafted out of a polyfiber blend that wicks away moisture, neutralizes odor, and shields your skin from UV rays. Our belts are made from wholly biodegradable materials and are metal-free. They never retain moisture and you can wash them in the bathtub or dishwasher. And our sunglasses are made from natural wood and bamboo.

I want to distribute 2bU products, but I am located outside of Thailand. Is this okay?

We welcome distributors from all over the world to work with us, not just those based in Thailand.

After I send you my designs, how long does the process take to get the finished products?

For individual orders, expect to receive your finished products in 4-6 weeks.