About Us – 2bU Golf Fashion and Apparel

2bU—just be you. That’s our credo. Everyone has different tastes in fashion. Our eyes light up to different colors, patterns, and fits. Whether you are out for a round of golf on the weekend or taking your kids to school, what you wear should reflect your individual style. And it should feel great, too. We believe that fashion should represent our kaleidoscopic tastes. It should be flexible. That’s why we put the power in your hands.

Look Great and Feel Better with 2bU’s Made-to-Order Options

From color to style and fit, 2bU lets you design your own products. We provide ultra-comfortable golf shirts, belts, and caps made out of high-tech materials that wick away moisture, prevent odor, and protect you from the sun’s harmful UV rays. And you get to decide what they look like—you can even match our shirts and caps. It’s all up to you! 2bU will bring to life any colors, patterns, or designs you have in mind. If you need a little help to finalize your vision, we are happy to oblige. Our professional designers will help you hone the details until your products are perfect. Simply send us an idea of the patterns or colors you want, as well as any logos or IDs you would like to have printed, and we will collaborate with you until the very end.

Customizable Accessories

2bU provides beautiful accessories that pair perfectly with our golf shirts, including caps, belts, and eyewear. Best of all, we can personalize them, too. Our metal-free belts come in a wide range of colors. Each is water and sweat resistant and super-easy to clean. 2bU belts are cut to fit waists up to 44”. Our caps come in various colors and sizes. And our unique wooden sunglasses will make you stand out from the crowd. Don’t forget: you can match the pattern of your shirt to your 2bU cap, too!

Ultimate Flexibility

2bU offers flexible order quantities and lead time for distributors. We deliver the products you want in short order, catering especially to businesses, clubs, events, and other organizations who want to create personalized products without all the hassle. To learn more visit our FAQ page.

Who We Are: The Story of 2bU

Led by Hanspeter Feer, 2bU is a privately owned Trademark Since 2011, 2bU has provided made-to-order options for clients in Thailand and abroad. Today, 2bU clothing and accessories can be found in a number of Pro-Shops in Thailand and abroad.

Corporate Social Responsibility

2bU is devoted to animal wellness and environmental sustainability. Our products are manufactured in a clean environment, producing as little waste as possible, and we always take the wellbeing of wildlife into account. We aim to provide a better future for our planet, so that our kids can grow up in a healthy and happy world.